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Hmmm…. Request

All The LBD fanfiction currently has to be submitted under the Pride and Prejudice section. While this may get authors slightly more attention/views, I feel it would be better if The Lizzie Bennet Diaries had its own category. If you’d like this as well, please follow these instructions.

Also, we need to decide on a category. I’m thinking Misc. currently because there’s not a web series category (that can have subcategories) and it’s not exactly a TV show.


For New Category/Character(s) Requests

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Subject: [category] [Misc] <== Does anyone know which one is the one to use?

I would like to suggest “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” as a category under Misc. 

Lizzie B.
W. Darcy
Ricky C.
Gigi D.
Charlotte L.
Bing L.
Caroline L.
Lydia B.
Jane B. 

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I had nearly finished chapter three, and then…

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Chapter Two/Episode 2

“Lydia!” Lizzie yelled, “What’d you do with my necklace?”

Elizabeth,” responded Mrs. Bennet from down the hall, “It’s not polite to scream.”

“Are you all right?” asked Jane softly, stepping out of her room.

“I’m fine,” grumbled Lizzie, “It’s my necklace that’s not.” She walked over to Lydia’s door and knocked on it sharply.

The room was booming with loud pop music when Lydia opened the door.

“What do you want?” she hollered over the noise.

Lizzie walked in and pulled the plug on the iPod speakers. “Where is my favorite necklace?”

“Ummm…” said Lydia, “I think Kitty might have taken it somewhere.”

“I want it back,” growled Lizzie impatiently. “I need it for the wedding.”

“Gosh,” said Lydia, pulling it out from a drawer in her desk, “You don’t need to get so prissy about it!”

“Thank you,” said Lizzie, who stalked out of the room.

Jane followed close behind. “I’ve got to go to work soon. Is there anything you’d like done while I’m out?”

“You’re so good,” said Lizzie, “Practically perfect, in fact. I’m fine, I don’t have any errands to do.”

“Bye!” said Jane, and with a small wave she walked down the hall.

Lizzie’s cell phone rang in her room. She ran to get it. It was Charlotte.

“Hey Charlotte,” said Lizzie, “What’s up, since-fetus friend?”

“You have the weirdest nicknames for me,” Charlotte commented drily. “I’m calling about the Gibson wedding. Do you have something to wear?”

“Same dress as always,” said Lizzie, “The student loans don’t allow me to wear much else.”

“I guess your student loans are like overprotective parents, then,” said Charlotte. “It won’t hurt too much to get a new dress for the occasion, would it?”

“Fine,” said Lizzie. “Is this an invitation to go dress shopping with you?”

“What else would it be?” asked Charlotte, “I’ll pick you up at one.”


Lizzie and Charlotte wandered around the mall at a leisurely pace.

“Do you even know what you want to get?” Lizzie asked.

“Of course not! It was an excellent diversionary tactic to get you away from your nutcase family,” said Charlotte.

“You are incredible,” gasped Lizzie. “But seriously, are we going to get a dress or what?”

Hi :) *waves*

Hi :) *waves*

Chapter One/Episode 1: My Name is Lizzie Bennet

“Honey, did you hear the house at Netherfield sold the other day?” asked Mrs. Bennet, grinning widely.

“Did it now?” mumbled Mr. Bennet, focusing on reading the paper and not his wife’s mutterings.

“A large mansion with a white picket fence and plenty of space to raise 2.5 grandkids!” continued Mrs. Bennet, not subdued by her husband’s lack of enthusiasm.

Mr. Bennet muttered something incoherent.

“Emily Lu told me. She said the deal was for three million dollars!” exclaimed Mrs. Bennet excitedly, “But it’s not the price that matters, but who bought it.”

“As you say my dear,” said Mr. Bennet, sinking deeper into his newspaper to attempt to drown out Mrs. Bennet.”

“He’s a well-mannered young man from Harvard, working to become a doctor. I hear his family has quite the fortune. How perfect for our girls!”

“How so?”

“Oh, my dear husband! Can’t you imagine him with one of our daughters?”

Lizzie snuck around the corner, having heard quite enough of this… interesting conversation. It was too early in the morning to be listening to her mother’s screeching.


“Hmm… Floral, blue, black, red…” Lizzie sifted through her closet, looking for something to wear. “No. Just no. Not that one.” The offending garment was her mother’s badly silkscreened “gift”— a bright pink t-shirt that read, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune… must be in want of a wife.”

She tossed the shirt to the back of the closet, hoping her mother wouldn’t make her wear it. Lizzie had gotten away with not wearing it since last Christmas. She was sure there were lots of rich men who didn’t want a wife— in fact, approximately 98% of them. She had done the math.

“LIZZIE!” screamed Lydia, barging into her room.

“What?” grumbled Lizzie. Her head was still stuck inside the closet, which elicited some giggles from Lydia.

“Did Mom tell you about the guy who bought Netherfield?” asked Lydia.

“No,” said Lizzie, playing along.

“His name is Bing Lee, and he’s rich, hot and single!” she squealed.

Lizzie rubbed her head in annoyance.

“Total jackpot, right?” asked Lydia. She held out her hand for a high-five. 

“No. Just get out of my room,” said Lizzie, sitting up and refusing the high-five.

Lydia left, not letting her sister’s rejection stop her excitement.

Lizzie was glad for the momentary peace. Being a 24 year-old grad student in Mass Communications, she had plenty of work to do.